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East Sussex Industrial 

Abandoned Animal Feed Mill in East Sussex

The abandoned animal feed mill in East Sussex.

The original building was built in 1380 but suffered a fire around 1880 and the mill was rebuilt on top of the original mill. Apparently the water wheel is still under what is currently there. The newer building was built in 1950 and re-modernised in 1968.

The last owners abandoned the site around 1999 and it has been left to rot ever since.

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  • Sorcharose

    Do you have a location for this?
    -Fellow Urb-ex and Photographer

  • Apit

    This place is pretty dangerous if you don’t look where you’re going. Been told it’s really hard to get in now. Probably a good thing!

    • Miriam Brunton

      Do you have the location for this?

  • Miriam Brunton

    Does anybody have the location for the animal feed mill?

  • Apit

    Do some research it’s not hard to find. That’s what i do.