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The Abandoned Casino in Portsmouth

So after finding out about this location, we got straight in the car and headed down in it’s direction.

This great place used to be a casino with a ballroom on the next floor, this place also had a cocktail bar, a champaign bar & other restaurants.. The ballroom and cocktail bar at this location closed around 2013 leaving the casino and 1 bar open. In 2015 the remaining bar and casino closed and the building was sealed off for good.

So we heard the access for this building was hard, and we walked around it about 3 times and we couldn’t get in anywhere. While walking through the bushes for the 4th time 4 people came onsite and they knew where it was! To keep this place safe from vandals we won’t go into detail..
But as we began making our way in, a group of about 15 people came onsite, this wasn’t great for us and they were being very loud, only us and 3 other people got inside as it was to hard for the rest, and to be honest, im glad as we managed to explore in peace.

This building is huge and still has electricity and running water, even the phones still worked. We were in there for at least 2 hours before we spotted the first motion sensor and we decided to head out as we saw all the good stuff. There is still an open shop using a plot on the ground floor and that explains the alarms..but that’s nothing to do with this building. We are planning on heading back to this location soon before people destroy it..

We want this location to stay safe so we will not be giving out any help into finding this and any comments discussing where it is will be removed and that person will be banned from the page.
Thank you to – UrbexCamo for helping us with this place!

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  • James Collins

    Looks like a pretty good place to visit.