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Hampshire Military Portsmouth 

The Fraser Range in Portsmouth, Hampshire

This was our 3rd location of our trip to Portsmouth.

The Fraser Range

History – The Fraser Gunnery Range, formally known as HMS Saint George, was originally owned by the MOD. It specialized in training naval gunnery personnel in director sight firing and later was used for radar research. It is now owned by QinetQ, who want to turn the site into housing, thus far they have been unsuccessful, but eventually and unfortunately something’s got to give. (Well, not the nudists!)
The site was also used as a Dr Who set, but I’m sure you all know that! The range has been completely derelict for some years and as a result has fallen to the vandals and gypsys.

The Explore – After taking part in the most easiest access ever, we begun wondering about and into the buildings! This place is huge and took over 2 hours to explore it all.
Dispite all the damage and vandalism this place was pretty amazing, some of the graffiti was very impressive.

Wondering down all the corridors i could just imagine what it was like during the day when this place was open!
After spending about 3 hours onsite, we headed out very satisfied and happy.
This place was our highlight of the day and it’s one to remember! If you live in the area, go check this amazing place out!

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