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The Meads Club in Eastbourne, East Sussex

I took a trip to a small village in the heart of Eastbourne, East Sussex, and came across this abandoned club.

I thought it was a church or small school but I was shocked to find a bar and even a full size snooker table inside.

A little history…

The club has a troubled and controversial history and is being sold by auctioneers Clive Emson on Tuesday February 23 2010 with an asking price of 200,000.

Dr Benson said, “I want to keep the building as it is. I don’t want to develop it into flats or anything like that. I just want to retain if for the community so that people can use it.

It is the third time the property has been put up for auction.

In previous months the property was withdrawn at the eleventh hour because of legal wrangles when the Meads Club Action Group tried to postpone the sale.

According to HM Land Registry documents, trustees Richard Dyball, Rosalind Marsh and Anthony Hibbs borrowed 50,000 against the property in September 2005.

The club later closed in 2007 and its small number of members was told it was being redecorated and membership renewal forms would soon be available. But it remained closed and is now in a state of disrepair.

The Meads Club Action Group wanted the circumstances surrounding the sale investigated claiming the property was originally left as a community facility by The Right Honourable Lucy Joan Cavendish Scott Lady Howard de Walden back in July 1892.

Now, the mortgagee David Stanford, who lent the trustees the money, has gained posession through a court order and thereby permission to sell it and the sale is going ahead.

Check out the video of this location here:

History provided by Eastbourne Herald.

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