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East Sussex Lewes Schools 

St Anne’s School in Lewes, East Sussex

So we tried to get in here in February but the place was sealed tight, after that we sort of forgot about the place…After we saw a video from ‘Joe Weller’ exploring this place, we headed off in hot pursuit to try get it done before all of his fans make their way there…

The original building and more importantly the land that it sits on has a very rich and interesting history, it closed down as a school for “Difficult” children at the end of the Summer Term of 2005. That’s all we know… Check out ‘Abandoned & Derelict for his version!

We had to enter this place under the cover of darkness as the way inside is on the roof, with the huge office building containing people inside, during the day the chances of being seen will almost be 100%

Once inside we began wondering through the run down corridors and into the classrooms. There is still some of the old school work left inside along with teachers equipment.. This place does feel a lot bigger inside that out. It contains about 20 classrooms, 1 main hall, a basement and about 15 bathrooms filled with dustbins..

This place does have security during the daytime and people living around it will call the police if you’re spotted. So we advise people to go at night.


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