Bradbury Care Home in West Sussex

Bradbury Care Home in West Sussex

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So we headed over to this abandoned care home in West Sussex.

This building was once the ‘Bradbury hotel’ royal blind society.
After the hotel closed the building stood empty for 4 months before they turned it into a care home. The building was shut for the last time in 2008! there are plans to convert this building into flats ‘High quality apartments specifically for the elderly.

We arrived at the location with confidence of getting inside, we found the way onsite but it was surrounded with teenagers smoking drugs..after about 5 minutes we decided to ignore them and head in anyway, they did attempt to annoy us but when they realised we wasn’t going to do anything they went back to their bench. Getting inside was very easy with about 80{9fc2b57d6480ef7f41a93c53f1d1abf22dcf3763ccd35c047191913ab66ea8ef} of the doors being open! Surprisingly the place had a fair amount left inside including ‘childrens toy’s’ & ‘old furniture’ Once we explored everything, we headed out back into the crowd of teenagers, this time they really wanted a reaction off us, they started throwing apples and stones at us but to be honest, it was a nice place to look at and we are glad we got it done.

Thank you to ‘Jack Snuggs’ for providing us with this location!

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4 Replies to “Bradbury Care Home in West Sussex”

    1. Addresses are never given out publicly, you need a bit of a nose to find these places, or have close connections with other explorers. Many people ask for these locations, yet none get them as that causes more vandalism, in turn more security and quicker redevelopment.

    2. The 2 best ways to find places is 1. Google 2. Go out and look around. Google is absolutely amazing at finding places you just have to know where to look. Try local newspaper websites, google maps and street view, history sites, building protection registers. You will find a few for sure!

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