The Fraser Range in Portsmouth, Hampshire

The Fraser Range in Portsmouth, Hampshire

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This was our 3rd location of our trip to Portsmouth.

The Fraser Range

History – The Fraser Gunnery Range, formally known as HMS Saint George, was originally owned by the MOD. It specialized in training naval gunnery personnel in director sight firing and later was used for radar research. It is now owned by QinetQ, who want to turn the site into housing, thus far they have been unsuccessful, but eventually and unfortunately something’s got to give. (Well, not the nudists!)
The site was also used as a Dr Who set, but I’m sure you all know that! The range has been completely derelict for some years and as a result has fallen to the vandals and gypsys.

The Explore – After taking part in the most easiest access ever, we begun wondering about and into the buildings! This place is huge and took over 2 hours to explore it all.
Dispite all the damage and vandalism this place was pretty amazing, some of the graffiti was very impressive.

Wondering down all the corridors i could just imagine what it was like during the day when this place was open!
After spending about 3 hours onsite, we headed out very satisfied and happy.
This place was our highlight of the day and it’s one to remember! If you live in the area, go check this amazing place out!

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  1. As awesome as this place is I won’t be going back anytime soon. The base is often visited by Urban Explorers so you will almost definitely find a hole in the fence somewhere. I’ve been there one day to find it all fenced up again and another day to find those repairs ripped away. Security is on the rise around the base. Alarm systems are being set up around the base but most of the wires get cut by people entering the base. Once you’re in though there is lots to see. The buildings are sadly mostly vandalised but they are still very interesting to look around. I would recommend taking a good pair of shoes is you plan on visiting as there is a tonne of shattered glass everywhere in the buildings. If you’re going at night then take a dim torch (something so you can see in front of you but nothing that will shine like a beacon into the sky). Explore as many buildings as you like but be aware that not all the buildings are safe to enter. There have been fires started in there and some have been damaged by other means. IMPORTANT NOTICE! Do not get too close to the border of Fort Cumberland! Me and a few friends almost got caught by the police! Stay far away from the fence!!! If you hear the strange noises coming from around the fort, GET OUT!!! Other than that I can’t really say much. Enter at your own risk, the land is still owned by the MoD so if you get caught in the base you can be charged with trespassing, vandalism and breaking and entering (and probably a load more charges they can pull out there arse.

    Despite my negativity I would recommend this place. Its awesome and is really creepy, especially at night. I’ve run into a few people in the base, some who were cool and ended up exploring with my group and some who were undesirable to say the least. Just keep your head down and enjoy the historic site.

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